Metacognition and Learning Strategies in the Age of Globalization

Metacognition and Learning Strategies in the Age of Globalization

Elena A. Railean (European University of Moldova, Moldova)
Release Date: October, 2017|Copyright: © 2017 |Runtime: 1 hr 4 mins
EISBN13: 9781522555551|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5555-1
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Metacognition plays an important role in evolving successful learning strategies in higher education. By improving these strategies and understanding their integration into learning environments is vital for effective teaching.

Metacognition and Learning Strategies in the Age of Globalization examines the most important dimensions of metacognition, including its role in knowledge, skills, and experience to further enhance learning strategies and academic performance. Highlighting topics, such as ubiquitous learning, STEAM education, and epistemic cognition, this video resource is ideal for academicians, researchers, professionals, and students interested in the future research development of metacognition in higher education.

Topics Covered

  • Digital Technologies
  • Epistemic Cognition
  • Higher Education
  • Metacognition
  • Multiliteracy
  • Psychology
  • Spiritual Intelligence
  • STEAM Education
  • Ubiquitous Learning

Table of Contents

Section 1:Ubiquitous Learning Environment for 21st Century Generative Competence
Lesson 1:Regarding Correlation Between Strategy and Tactic
8:55 mins
Lesson 2:The Specific Features of Metacognition in Higher Education
7:47 mins
Lesson 3:Metacognition and Metacognitive Skills Through an Intellectual Development Technology
6:16 mins
Section 2:Improving Metacognitive Skills and Strategies in Higher Education
Lesson 4:The Impact of Digital Technologies on Metacognition
6:54 mins
Lesson 5:The Importantance of Spritual Intelligence for Metacognitive Skills of Academic Staff
7:26 mins
Lesson 6:Student's Psychological Correlates for Metacognition
8:07 mins
Section 3:The Importance of Metacognition for Teaching Art, Mathematics, and Literature
Lesson 7:STEAM and Metacognition. Why is this so Important?
6:17 mins
Lesson 8:STEAM Field, Mathematics and Metacognition
6:55 mins
Lesson 9:Multiliteracy and Metacognition
5:57 mins