Impact of the Model Minority Stereotype on Modern Society

Impact of the Model Minority Stereotype on Modern Society

Nicholas D. Hartlep (Illinois State University, USA)
Release Date: August, 2015|Copyright: © 2016 |Runtime: 1 hr 4 mins
EISBN13: 9781466695887|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9588-7
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The model minority stereotype is the terminology used for a common form of racism that portrays Asians and Asian-Americans as being predominantly hard-working and academically successful. Despite the overwhelming social, ethical, as well as psychological consequences of the model minority stereotype, it remains a consistent element of contemporary media, entertainment, and culture.

The video series, Impact of the Model Minority Stereotype on Modern Society, explores the concept and implications of the model minority stereotype within the context of American culture as well as Asian and Asian-American populations. Highlighting current social issues and the influence of the media and popular culture as well as identity formation and new forms of racism in American Society, this video is an excellent educational resource for researchers, educational administrators, professionals, and students in various disciplines.

Topics Covered

  • Cultural Formation
  • Discrimination
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Media and Racism
  • Popular Culture
  • Self-Identity and Racism
  • Social Justice

Table of Contents

Section 1:Stereotypes of Asian/Americans
Lesson 1:"Positive Stereotypes"
8:44 mins
Lesson 2:"Racial Epithet"
6:34 mins
Lesson 3:"Intersectionality"
6:11 mins
Section 2:Asian/Americans as “Others”
Lesson 4:"New Minorities"
6:28 mins
Lesson 5:"Perpetual Foreigners"
5:09 mins
Section 3:Anti-Model Minority Resistance
Lesson 6:Countering Hegemony
5:41 mins
Lesson 7:Countering Dominant Narratives
6:15 mins
Section 4:Impacts of the Model Minority Stereotype
Lesson 8:Impact on Identity
5:29 mins
Lesson 9:Impact on Adjustment
6:20 mins
Lesson 10:Unintended Impact
7:28 mins