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Edited References

About the Collection

Edited References are one of the most popular publication formats. These well-established titles feature previously unpublished, peer-reviewed scholarly chapters that are contributed by a variety of experts from around the world. Similar to Authored References in their concise discussions of the latest models and concepts within a specific area, Edited References utilize a more collaborative approach and include contributing authors with varying backgrounds and experience. These projects are led by one or a team of esteemed editors and include at least 15 chapters of descriptive and progressive research.

Providing thorough descriptions detailing the latest innovative and trending content, these collaborative publications accommodate the research needs of academicians, professionals, and practitioners, and are suitable supplements for graduate and undergraduate courses.

Edited Reference Publications:

Challenges and Impacts of Religious Endowments on Global Economics and Finance
Buerhan Saiti (Istanbul Sabhattin Zaim University, Turkey), Adel Sarea (Ahlia University, Bahrain)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 300 pages. $225.00
Poverty is one of the top problems the Muslim community faces today. A scholastic approach towards a solution based on the values and cultural contexts of the Muslim...
IoT Architectures, Models, and Platforms for Smart City Applications
Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry (Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan), Faisal Karim Shaikh (Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan), Naeem Ahmed Mahoto (Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 350 pages. $245.00
Developing countries are persistently looking for efficient and cost-effective methods for transforming their communities into smart cities. Unfortunately, energy cr...
Cloud Computing Applications and Techniques for E-Commerce
Saikat Gochhait (Symbiosis International, India), David Tawei Shou (University of Taipei, Taiwan), Sabiha Fazalbhoy (Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, India)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 300 pages. $245.00
Many professional fields have been affected by the rapid growth of technology and information. Included in this are the business and management markets as the implem...
Combating Threats to Media Freedom and Journalist Safety
Sadia Jamil (University of Queensland, Australia)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 350 pages. $195.00
The freedom of expression and the freedom of information are the indispensable components of free media. Without these two basic rights, an informed, active, and par...
Effective Software for Gifted and Talented School Activities in K-12 Classrooms
Shigeru Ikuta (Otsuma Women's University, Japan)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 370 pages. $185.00
As technology continues to play a pivotal role in society, education is a field that has become heavily influenced by these advancements. New learning methods are ra...
Incorporating LGBTQ+ Identities in K-12 Curriculum and Policy
April Sanders (Spring Hill College, USA), Laura Isbell (Texas A&M University – Commerce, USA), Kathryn Dixon (Texas A&M University, Commerce, USA)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 335 pages. $185.00
Educators in the K-12 school environment work diligently to help at-risk students find success in the classroom. One particular group of at-risk students is the LGBT...
Preparing 21st Century Teachers for Teach Less, Learn More (TLLM) Pedagogies
Pradeep Kumar (Taylor's University, Malaysia), Michael James Keppell (Taylor's University, Malaysia), Chee Leong Lim (Taylor's University, Malaysia)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 360 pages. $195.00
The current trend of learner centeredness in education has been challenging many of the current ways of working, especially in higher education institutions. This ra...
Organizational Behavior Challenges in the Tourism Industry
Şule Aydin (Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, Turkey), Bekir Bora Dedeoglu (Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, Turkey), Ömer Çoban (Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, Turkey)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 385 pages. $225.00
Improving positive and reducing negative organizational behaviors in businesses are important in terms of organizational success as this will lead to an increase in...
Innovative Management and Business Practices in Asia
Patricia Ordoñez de Pablos (The University of Oviedo, Spain), Xi Zhang (Tianjin University, China), Kwok Tai Chui (The Open University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 330 pages. $225.00
Businesses in the Asia-Pacific communities provide enormous opportunities for local entrepreneurs to develop and collectively collaborate with other economies. Howev...
Avatar-Based Control, Estimation, Communications, and Development of Neuron Multi-Functional Technology Platforms
Vardan Mkrttchian (HHH University, Australia), Ekaterina Aleshina (Penza State University, Russia), Leyla Gamidullaeva (Penza State University, Russia)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 360 pages. $245.00
Competition in today’s global market offers strong motivation for the development of sophisticated tools within computer science. The neuron multi-functional technol...