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Advice for Journal Editors: Increasing Submissions, Subscriptions, and Visibility for Your Journal

By IGI Global on Jun 4, 2019
There are many important facets of journal success, but the most important, and probably the most obvious, is ensuring that a journal has a constant flow of quality manuscript submissions moving through the double-blind peer review process. In an effort to provide sufficient information and support to journal editors, IGI Global has launched a dedicated "Advice for Editors" page in the navigation menu within the eEditorial Discovery® System.

This page provides critical information and recommendations for increasing submissions, subscriptions, and the overall visibility of a journal. Even if you are not currently an editor of a journal publication, there are several takeaways on this page that can support you with other edited publication projects.

Primary discussion points include:

  • Tips for constructing, revising, and/or posting a call for papers.

  • Broadening your journal’s scope.

  • Adding a co-editor and/or managing editor.

  • Communication with editorial staff.

  • The importance of timely processing.

There is also an informative ten-minute video which provides the information in a visual format. In addition to this webpage and video, IGI Global also provides a comprehensive guide on how to increase the visibility of your journal through their “Increasing Your Journal’s Impact” webpage. This webpage outlines how editors and journal contributor can maximize the exposure of their research; which includes:

  • Sharing their research with their peers and library.

  • Sharing their article and research through Open Access (OA).

  • Increasing their journals impact at conferences and events.

  • Promoting their journal on social media.

  • Communicating with associations and organizations.

  • Adhering to indexing best practices.

It also provides opportunities for editors and contributors to get involved in IGI Global promotional activities through creating an article to be featured in IGI Global’s Newsroom and filming a promotional video explaining the latest research developments within the journal.
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